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Please note that currently the official server hosted at server.hyperealm.net runs the nightly version so you have to run your own server or play singleplayer if you're not using Hyperlauncher or the latest nightly.

If you want to play multiplayer, you should download Hyperlauncher instead.

To play the game, extract all files and run hyperworld-portal.


You can download nightly here directly without the launcher but note that for any new update you will have to download the nightly here again.


This package is usually out of sync with the main server, but is still updated rather regularly.

flatpak install flathub net.hyperworld.hyperworld

Linux packages (Latest stable)


AUR latest binary release: yay -Sy hyperworld-bin

AUR latest release: yay -Sy hyperworld

Hyperlauncher Package listing (most are unofficial)

Packaging status

Older versions of Hyperworld